justin stivers

Florida State Bar

Tennessee State Bar

JD, University of Miami School of Law

BA, Appalachian State University, cum laude

Series 65 – Registered Investment Advisor

Wealth Management Specialist™

2-15 License – Health, Life, and Annuities Agent

Florida Real Estate Broker

Florida Notary

Estate Planning Council of Greater Miami – Board Member,

American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys – Member,

Florida Justice Association – Business Eagle Member,

Financial Planning Association of Miami – Associate Board Member,

Knoxville Chamber of Commerce – Trustee Member,

Knoxville Bar Association – Member,

Dade County Bar Association – Member,

Justin Stivers, Esq.

Justin B. Stivers, Esq., leads the Wealth Management division at Trust Counsel, P.L. Known for his holistic approach to client care, Justin ensures that clients not only have a solid estate plan but also that their overall finances are well-managed. He emphasizes the importance of integrating financial planning with estate planning to provide a comprehensive strategy for his clients’ futures.

In 2024, Justin became a Partner at Trust Counsel, P.L., following the merger of his own firm, Stivers Law, with Trust Counsel, P.L. His extensive background as a comprehensive estate planning attorney revealed to him the critical need for more integrated financial planning services, prompting his shift to focus almost exclusively on this aspect for his clients. This strategic move has allowed him to better serve his clients by addressing both their estate and financial planning needs comprehensively.

Currently residing in Knoxville, Tennessee, Justin also serves as the Managing Partner of Stivers Wealth Management. Through his firm, he continues to deliver expert financial planning services, ensuring that clients have robust, well-rounded strategies for managing their wealth and securing their financial futures. For more information, visit Stivers Wealth Management.