Value Freedom? Here’s Why an Estate Plan Is Your Declaration of Independence

As you celebrate the Fourth of July and all it represents – freedom, independence, and the pursuit of happiness – take pride in the ultimate American liberty: the right to decide your own affairs, even after death or in the event of incapacity. An estate plan, is the way to express your liberty.

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Family Feuds and Tax Troubles: The Complex Challenges Facing the Michael Jackson Estate

June is home to World Music Day on June 21st, celebrating music in communities. It’s a fitting time to discuss Michael Jackson, the iconic “King of Pop,” whose estate faces legal issues with the IRS and family disputes years after his death.

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They’re Not Kids Anymore! Navigating Your Child’s Transition Into Adulthood

When your child turns 18, they’re legally considered an adult even though they have a lot more growing to do (though they may not think so!). Just like any other adult, their health and financial information is protected by privacy laws. But you can still step in and help them if you and your child plan ahead.

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