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After years of drama, entertainment, and controversy, the Kardashian family is back with their newest reboot, “The Kardashians.” While we could talk about this iconic reality TV show and all of its interesting and educational qualities, we think it’s a great opportunity to discuss the father of it all, Robert Kardashian, and his particularly intriguing estate planning saga. While most estate ordeals revolve around financial matters, this saga centers around Robert Kardashian’s personal diary.

The Power of Intangible Items

While estate planning and money often go hand in hand, especially with Robert’s rumored $100 million fortune held in trust for his children, it’s often the intangible items that ignite the fiercest family feuds. In this case, the coveted item causing litigation is the legendary defense attorney’s personal diary, not the rumored fortune stashed away for his children. Money may have played a role, but it’s the sentimental value that lies at the heart of the dispute.

Social Media, Digital Assets, and the Afterlife

Modern-day estate planning has witnessed the rise of planning for the afterlife of our digital image and likeness. While the average person may not need to plan for the distribution and use of their image, it becomes a vital part of celebrity estate cases. In a technologically connected era where clickbait and gossip trump real news, likeness becomes an even more important factor in estate planning. Regardless of social status, your digital footprint makes it imperative that every individual’s testamentary documents include provisions to ensure the desired handling of their digital legacy. In this fast-paced digital age, every word within these documents becomes paramount.

Lessons from the Kardashian Diary Saga

Robert Kardashian’s diary and the drama that unfolded because of it serve as a case study for estate planning attorneys, teaching them how to interpret the language used in their own legal documents. In Robert Kardashian’s will, he stated that all tangible and intangible property would be distributed to a trust for his children, with one sneaky exception: his then-wife, Ellen, would receive the Indian Wells property and its “furnishings.” However, this is where things get complicated. How does a personal diary fit into the mix? After Robert’s passing, Ellen happened to find her late husband’s diary, setting the stage for a drama more captivating than the reality TV we all watch. Rumors swirled as information emerged that Robert Kardashian wanted Ellen to reveal his family’s side of the story after his death.

The Thrills of Interpretation

In this legal rollercoaster, every word becomes a clue, and interpretation holds the key to unlocking the truth. Alleged statements made by Robert to Ellen may carry emotional weight, but if not formally documented in his official will, their legal standing is limited. The family’s legal team argues that the diary could be considered a “furnishing,” but is it a stretch to claim that a personal journal is a customary part of home decor? The drama highlights the significance of precise language and clearly defined terms. Even if you believe your diary or personal writings could never spark a feud, it’s crucial to include specific provisions regarding the use, publication, destruction, or distribution of your digital assets. Think of yourself as a reality star crafting your narrative for the afterlife and be sure to pen those words with care.


The Ever-Evolving Spectacle of Estate Planning:

Even for a Hollywood heavyweight like Robert Kardashian, a foolproof estate plan is as elusive as the latest celebrity gossip. Estate planning is a constant evolution, demanding regular review and updates. The complexity of one’s estate directly correlates with the need for meticulous scrutiny. Every word in your estate planning documents takes center stage, with the goal of avoiding courtroom dramas. So, stay tuned for the next episode of the Kardashian saga, and remember, when it comes to estate planning, it’s time to shine in the spotlight and ensure your legacy is a blockbuster hit.