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The Million-Dollar Question: Who’s Next in Line for Matthew Perry’s ‘Friends’

Matthew Perry, the inimitable Chandler Bing from the iconic TV show Friends, may
have left us, but his legacy, along with his bankable character, lives on, thanks to
some sweet residual payments from the series’ syndication and streaming. Let’s
dive into this intriguing tale, unpacking the nitty-gritty for you, and then we’ll
explore why having an estate and tax planning attorney is crucial, highlighting how
we at Trust Counsel can be your trusted partners in this vital endeavor.
So, Friends was not just any old show; it was a television phenomenon. The cast was
pretty much living the dream, banking an eye-popping $1 million for each episode in
those final seasons. But that’s not where it ends. Residuals, my friends, were the
icing on the cake. They are like the never-ending gifts that keep on giving, and
these gifts are no joke.

Let’s break it down, shall we? Every member of the Friends gang, including our pal
Matthew Perry, was pocketing a sweet $20 million every single year. But here’s the
real shocker: the show itself was a money-making machine, reeling in a cool billion
dollars annually from syndication alone. And guess who’s getting a slice of that
gargantuan pie? You guessed it – our six fabulous friends!
Now, brace yourself, because here comes the real kicker. Those reruns? Oh, they’re
no peanuts. The entire ensemble, all six of them, were cashing in approximately
$120 million combined each year from reruns. It’s like winning the lottery every

But the million-dollar question (literally) remains: Did Matthew Perry keep receiving
those irresistible Chandler Bing checks even after he left us in October 2023? The
answer, my friends, is a resounding YES! His residual payments are not going
anywhere; they’re on a one-way ticket to his estate or to the lucky beneficiary he
picked to share in the treasure trove.
Now, for the grand finale, we’ve got a mystery for you. Who will be the fortunate
recipient of Matthew Perry’s Friends fortune? While it’s not set in stone, it’s entirely
possible that it could be his parents. But the plot thickens, and this is where the real
magic happens.

You see, there’s this incredibly important entity called the Residuals Estate
Department, run by the SAG-AFTRA union. When a union pertalented Perry, passes away, these folks step in, ensuring that the money ends up in
the right hands, precisely as the star specified in their last wishes. It’s like the real-
life guardians of the treasure chest!
Now, here’s the real takeaway from all of this: having a well-structured estate and
tax plan is crucial. Matthew Perry’s situation serves as a perfect example of how
thoughtful planning and a well-executed will can make all the difference in ensuring
your assets go where you want them to go, just like he intended. And that’s where
Trust Counsel comes into the picture.

At Trust Counsel, we’re here to take on your wills, trusts, and estate planning,
ensuring that your wishes are crystal clear and executed flawlessly. We’ve got you
covered when it comes to asset protection and wealth preservation, international
estate and tax planning, business and succession planning, probate administration,
and even litigation and guardianship. We understand the importance of
safeguarding your legacy and making sure your loved ones are taken care of, just
like Chandler Bing would want it!

In the ever-changing world of finances and law, having a dedicated team of estate
and tax planning experts by your side is priceless. So, just like the Friends cast
counted on one another, you can count on us at Trust Counsel to be your loyal
partners in securing your future and preserving your wealth. Because, in the end,
we’re all about ensuring that your legacy lives on, just like Matthew Perry’s
unforgettable character, Chandler Bing