It is finally here, Greta Gerwigs “Barbie” hits theaters in a both fashionable and incredibly bright pink fashion. While you may anticipate a fun flick and a bit of nostalgia it was that and more transcending the Iconic American character into a blockbuster hit. Showcasing some rather unique storytelling, hilariously ironic self-awareness and the ability to make valuable empowering life lessons digestible, truly makes seeing this movie worthwhile.

While I would love to sit here and continue to Gush about the brilliance Barbie, What I truly loved was the theme of death and aging that was featured so prominently within the film. A beautiful homage to the very essence of humanity, and for me- a nod to estate planning.

In the middle of what can only be described as the most barbie-esque disco girls night party, Margot Robbie’s Barbie asks, “do you guys ever think about dying?” The music screeches to a halt as the other Barbies look at her disgruntled and confused by the sudden existential question coming from the lipstick lined mouth of “Stereotypical barbie”.

You see this isn’t much different from when we start asking these daunting questions ourselves. Thinking about life after death is hard and others around us may react with confusion or discomfort, much like Barbie’s barbie friends. As estate planning attorneys we understand the importance of facing these tough questions head on, and I guess our bright pink dressed friend Barbie does too.

As the film progresses, we learn that Barbie wants out of her dream house and into the real world, searching for meaning in being Barbie while also finding beauty in being so imperfectly human. This exploration of newfound imperfection and her battle with mortality prompts our favorite doll to reflect on her life’s meaning and the impact she wants to leave behind, much like the profound questions we in the real-world face in estate planning. Similarly, estate planning provides you with an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy that aligns with your values and desires and while that might not be the best-selling toy of all time, securing your legacy is truly priceless.

In the Pink of Planning: Barbie’s Estate Strategy for Dream House, Cars, and Empowerment

Some of you (aka me) might be wondering how barbies glittering estate plan would really look like. Well, let me spill the fashionable details! Barbie, the iconic doll, wouldn’t settle for anything less than a well-thought-out estate plan that matches her vibrant personality. From her famous dream house to her collection of stylish cars and designer wardrobe, Barbie’s estate plan would be a reflection of her extraordinary life. But there’s more to it than meets the eye! Embodying her generous nature, Barbie’s estate plan would also specifically include provisions for charitable contributions and preserving her empowering impact on the world. I as Barbies hypothetical lawyer have taken it upon myself (with her permission of course) to highlight a few pretty details about her estate plan.

1.Dream House: Barbie’s enchanting dream house, the heart of her world, would be carefully safeguarded through a thoughtfully established trust, ensuring its grandeur remains intact for future generations of admirers.

2.Car Collection: As a trendsetter with a passion for automobiles, Barbie’s estate plan would intricately outline how her stylish cars are to be managed, preserving their allure and significance for years to come.

3.Designer Wardrobe: Barbie’s enviable wardrobe, a symbol of her timeless fashion sense, would be lovingly distributed among her loved ones or donated to charitable causes, spreading the magic of her iconic style.

4.Intellectual Property Rights: Protecting her brand’s image and intellectual property would be of utmost importance to Barbie. Her estate plan would encompass measures to ensure her positive message and impact endure, inspiring generations beyond her time.

5.Charitable Contributions: Barbie’s generous spirit would shine through in her estate plan, with designated charitable contributions and trusts supporting the causes closest to her heart, continuing her legacy of empowerment and philanthropy.

Barbie’s journey from her iconic dream house to the real world embodies the beauty of embracing imperfections and finding purpose in our lives. As the credits roll on “Barbie,” we are met with a satisfying ending and a profound realization that just like her, we must be ready to adapt and embrace change, driving through life in our pink corvettes with courage and determination. The film’s ability to blend hilariously ironic self-awareness with valuable life lessons makes it more than just a nostalgic trip down memory lane—it’s a reminder that, like Barbie, we too can navigate the twists and turns of existence, unafraid to confront life’s tough questions and pave the way for a brighter, more empowering future.