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What it is: Embrace the spirit of the holiday this year by adopting a new tradition that highlights gratitude, giving, and community (and have fun doing it).

Why you need this: Turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie might be the stars of the show, but we all know it’s really about loving others and feeling loved that makes Thanksgiving so special.

How to do it:

  1. Praise. Many of us gather at Thanksgiving and speak about what we are thankful for, but don’t always articulate why we are thankful. For example, instead of just saying “I am thankful for my job”, trying including specific reasons why you are thankful such as “because it allows me to spend more time with my kids, or I get to work with great clients, or it helps me provide for my family.”
  2. Repair. It’s easy to express thanks for what or who we love, and to push away people or things we see as undesirable or broken. Thanksgiving season is a good time of year to look at the breakage in our lives, the relationships that have gone awry, or the projects or promises we have made but broken, and take a positive step toward repairing them.
  3. Include. Invite someone who doesn’t have a place to go to join you on Thanksgiving. Whether it’s a work colleague or a friend of a friend, if you hear of someone who will be alone on Thanksgiving, invite him or her to your home to share this special meal. If a dinner seems too intimate, try inviting them to go for a hike Thanksgiving morning or meet up for breakfast. It really can make a difference in someone’s life.
  4. Talk. Put away the electronic devices, turn off the speakers, give breathing room to hectic holiday schedules, and engage people near and far in heartfelt conversation. Go beyond topics like the weather and sports to listen, learn, and laugh. Connect with people face-to-face and heart-to-heart and fill up on fellowship instead of just food.
  5. Spend time outside. Take a hike, play football, or sit around an outdoor fire and talk with your family and friends. With all of the cooking and eating indoors, it is refreshing to balance out the day with some crisp air.  We are in South Florida after all… this time of year while people in other states are scared to go outside we are starting to experience our best weather yet!! Just more more thing to be grateful for!