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weezy1Adding to the ongoing list of Rappers that apparently have money for mansions, women, and jewelry (apologies for the stereotype) but not to hire an accountant or a lawyer,  Lil Wayne’s (whose real name is Dwayne Carter) tax troubles have reached an all-time high – apparently owing the Internal Revenue Service a whopping $12,155,084.46.

According to the Federal Tax Lien filed with the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Court’s office, Mr. Carter failed to pay taxes in 2011 of $5,843,952. And an additional $6,311,132 in 2012, leaving him in debt to the federal government to the tune of  $12,155,084lil_wayne_irsIf Mr. Carter doesn’t cough up the dough, the IRS will probably proceed to try to seize his luxurious mansion on Miami Beach in La Gorce Island, Fla., which is listed at $11.6 million in 2011 and is probably worth significantly more than that now. The nine bedroom home comes with a three-car garage and a three-bedroom guesthouse adjacent to a large swimming pool.

Mr. Carter joins a long list of rappers who have failed to pay their taxes. This happens so often to celebrities that one would begin to believe that there is a critical shortage of CPAs and Tax Attorneys when I assure you there is not.