“The website was easy to navigate. It was a great load off my chest knowing my daughter won’t have to be part of a legal battle if the worst would happen. I think you’re doing a great service to parents (and their kids) everywhere thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

— Andrew Titus, Father of one

“I think it is a wonderful opportunity for parents to use your website. Keep up the good work!
Thanks so much for the offer.”

— Cammie N., Mother of three children

“My opinion:
Fantastic! As a single mother, I am concerned about the future and safety of my children and take extra care to make sure I have all the bases covered in terms of legal stuff…even though I do have a will and a living will ready to go, I think it’s important to have this additional paperwork ready to go. I have friends who have no clue how important this stuff is, and have forwarded your website on to them as well. Thanks for making this FREE resource available and very user-friendly.

— Tamara P., Mother of two children

“Yes, thank you for your site. The video with each page was very helpful (as an educator I appreciate that it addresses an auditory learning style). Visiting the site started a discussion with my husband and we are now embarking on a will and planning for the future.”

— Carrie H., Mother of one child

“You are doing very well. The site was easy to use, and seems to be thorough.
The service you are providing is invaluable.
Thank you!”

— Griffin R., Father of one child

“I thought it was great. Very detailed and the video brought up a few things to consider in helping to fill out the document. Great job.”

— Angela E., Mother of two children

“The process was incredibly easy and I plan to pass this information on to other parents I know. Thank you so much for providing this service!”

— Kate O., Mother of two children

“The Kids Protection Plan was much easier to use than I expected. Since my daughter was born 4 years ago, I knew it was important to assign guardianship for her, and now my 1 year old son as well, in case something should happen to their father and I, but I didn’t know where to begin. Was specific wording required, did it have to be notarized, who has to be notified and what papers should they have? The Kids Protection Plan spelled all that out, provided the forms needed and instructions on how to fill them out. All the years that I worried about that issue are now over and I feel secure knowing that my kids are in good hands, and the hands we want, if we can’t be here for them. Priceless!”

— Keli Arthur, Mom of two

“I want to thank you for putting the [kids protection plan] kit together. It was really helpful and motivating, and I got it done and signed some months ago. It’s a huge relief and source of peace of mind to have everything done and put together and handy when gregg and I go out. It was particularly helpful to have that list of first-responders (something I hadn’t considered). Thanks so much for sending the kit out into the world. It was just what I needed and I really appreciate it.”

— Gail Goldman, Mom of 2

“Who could have imagined that our children would spend some time in foster care if didn’t secure their future by making decisions today. With far away families and siblings, we realized that it really could have been dramatic if we hadn’t decided to contact you and get educated about the matter.”

— The Bernadberoy-Fernandes Family, Parents of 2

“There is nothing scarier than the thought of what would happen to your children if you were gone. To know that you CAN prepare for something so terrible and to know that you CAN protect your children makes you wonder how ANYONE could be so careless NOT to do it”

— Karen & Chris Patton, Parents of 2

“My experience with the [kids protection plan] kit was terrific, and it has given me tremendous peace of mind. Most of my babysitters (the good ones, that is) are really impressed with how clearly laid out everything is and how well prepared I am, and everyone in my life knows what his or her role would be if needed. That feels great.

I’ve been surprised to discover, in talking to others, how many people have not got things so clearly laid out. People who know better (like lawyer friends) or even just people who are usually really well prepared – and have wills and such all in order – have never considered what would happen if a car carrying themselves and their elected guardian went off the road. Or what they expect to happen in the time it takes their guardian from the other coast to arrive.

So, in short, I’m really happy that I had access to your kit. It was clear, easy to use, and guided me really well through a really difficult process. the actual filling out of the papers and drafting of the letter that I hope no one will ever need to read was very emotional and difficult, but it feels so good knowing that it’s done. Thanks again!”

— Roberta Brown, Editor and Mom