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If you do not have legal guardians named for your children and something happens to you, a Judge will decide who raises your kids. Take matters into your own hands today.

This is a FREE resource to legally document who you want to care for your kids in the case of an emergency or sudden death.

To get started with your free legal documents, simply enter your name and email address and you’ll be taken straight to our registration page where you can begin your legal documents to protect your decisions for your children immediately.

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  • Naming guardians for your kids on this site is totally FREE AND EASY with no strings attached
  • If you are not sure who you want to name as legal guardians for your children, our site will walk you through a foolproof process to help you choose the right guardians to raise your children if you can’t be there.
  • We respect your privacy and will not sell, give, or exchange your contact information with anyone other than a local Personal Family Lawyer® (where applicable) for purposes of arranging for the free review of your legal documents
  • Name legal guardians for your children today and take the first step to creating a comprehensive Kids Protection Plan® that ensures the well-being, care and love of your kids, no matter what!

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My husband and I are going on a trip and hadn’t really thought much about doing a will or putting together guardians for our children. I’m so happy I found your site. It was effortless and now I can rest assured that we have everything covered for our children in the event that something would happen to us. Thanks again.

– Sarah D


It’s fantastic, thank you! It is user friendly, colorful, professional and quite useful.

All pages worked great, video and follow ups through the end.

– Jen S.


My husband and I are taking a quick trip to Mexico and leaving our 2 year old in CO. We planned the trip quickly and didn’t have time to meet with an attorney and put something together so I just looked for something quick online and found your website. I thought it was easy to use and I liked that you had to consider who you would want as legal guardian if something happened to your first choice/s.

I’m glad you are offering this “entry level” document for parents to name guardians, it’s a quick and easy service that serves a great purpose, and can be a stepping stone to a more official document/will.

– Jennifer

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